Japanse Theeceremonie

Theemeester Takahide Suzuki zegt het zo: “Nowadays Matcha tea is well known in the Netherlands, because of its high nutrition. In Japan, Matcha is common for tea ceremony culture to host guests. And Matcha is a symbol of peaceful mind. Through our tea ceremony, we pursue “harmony, respect, purity and tranquility” with a sense of season. This spirit is same as Zen philosophy. But you don’t need to be nervous. Take it easy please, let’s feel the peacefulness and enjoy Japanese traditional tea ceremony. You may discover something with this tea ceremony. We believe it makes you happy and calm.” Naast Takahide Suzuki geven bij ons ook  Naoko en Shinji Oba de workshop.

De ceremonie duurt 2 uur.



In onze agenda  zie je wanneer de komende Japanse theeceremonie plaatsvindt. Deelname kost € 35,- per persoon. Je kunt je inschrijven via het contactformulier.


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